A Small Business Accelerator

Bruhn Crossing offers a place where small business owners have the opportunity to succeed in a small town. We are a collaborative venue that inspires vibrancy and, attracting both local residents and tourists to the downtown core of Sicamous, B.C.

If you are an artist, have a unique business idea, or are already selling local, we want to meet with you! Here at Bruhn Crossing, we want to help you get there because we know that small business is the heart of the community.

Whether you’re an established small local business or a budding entrepreneur, Bruhn Crossing is the place to be to help move your business forward. It’s a place where like-minded professionals can come together to collaborate, create and support each other’s visions.

It’s a place where the community can come to support a small local business and build a vibrant and creative culture for both residents and tourists alike. Whether you’re looking for great food, great live entertainment or amazing local merchants, Bruhn Crossing is where it’s at!

About the Visionary: Brenda Dalzell

I believe in the power of community, and love how small business is at the heart of a thriving community, no matter its size. My goal for Bruhn Crossing is to create a venue that brings local business owners and members of the community together to collaborate and support each other’s successes. I invite you to come check out what it is all about, and can’t wait to meet you!

The rich history of the Bruhn’s Crossing Urban Market, and its ties to the earliest entrepreneur of the Sicamous area, make it the perfect place to create a market full of the best local businesses. It is through local vendor markets like this one that both seasoned and budding entrepreneurs can come together to create an amazing collaborative community. Bruhn Crossing is home to many small businesses, including BJ Design Interiors, and the Bridge Co-Share Office Space. Each vendor brings something unique to the market, making it a must-see in the Sicamous area.

The History of Bruhn Crossing

The Bridge

Our vision for The Bridge was to create an innovative workspace that provides entrepreneurs with the added professionalism to take their businesses to the next level. The Bridge creates a place for like-minded professionals to gather and makes the “work, live, play” lifestyle a real possibility.

The Bridge has various packages available to ensure that every client gets the tools and services they’ll need. Professionals can rest easy knowing they have the option to bring clients to a clean, accessible location for meetings and conference calls. The Bridge is currently located in the new BJ Design Interiors building, at 1214 Riverside Avenue, Sicamous, BC. We are officially opening and taking membership applications, spaces are limited and filling up fast.

​Welcome to The Bridge and enjoy your summer in Sicamous.


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